Don't know who/what I am now...😓

Since I had my baby I just got so absorbed with being a mother i forgot about me.

I feel like I am just useful to be a mother and its like i am not even a wife anymore. We had only sex 2 times in this almost 11 months and only cause of my we get into arguments all the time and he never had any initiative whatsoever...i feel i I am not attractive anymore or he would try something right?

I have been so hurt with this i don't even know how to talk to him anymore.

I do resent him for not helping me with the baby or at home so anytime i feel like trying to be more loving with him he complains about something or just sits there on his phone all the time so i lose any of those feelings again.

My baby doesn't sleep always in her crib so it's not easy to have any alone time at night not to mention he works many weekend's too.

Any advice? Or this is hopeless? 😓