was humiliated at the airport 😭 tsa

Had to fly home yesterday with my 10 month old. Went through security with my 10 month old daughter and they did a hand swipe on me which came back positive for some reason. The guy asked me what luggage was mine and I said my diaper bag. He very rudely said "not your daughters, yours. What is yours!?" Everything I carried on was my daughters! He said "okay well where do you keep your cell phone?" I told him in my diaper bag. 
They wanted to search all of my belongings anyways...even though it was literally ALL baby stuff. So they spent 15 minutes tearing my bags apart...they were not gentle with my things, clothes and bottles and toys ended up on the floor. They shoved my things that were folded and packed to fit in this bag back together. Then I was told I had to have a thorough pat down. They called over a female tsa person and she told me she would have to touch my groin and breast area. Not only do I have my 10 month old daughter, but I am 26 weeks pregnant. Like really?! What the actual fuck?! Apparently I am a bomb threat. I was so flustered and they brought me into a private room and she did a ridiculously thorough pat down. I felt so violated. Checking every curve of my baby bump, every curve in my bra and around my groin as if I what...have a bomb stuffed in my bra or my underwear?!  I just wanted to cry the whole time. It was humiliating. They finally decided I wasn't trying to blow up a plane and said I could go. I left, took my daughter and my things and went in the bathroom and cried for about 10 minutes. I still can't believe that happened. Apparently there is an ingredient in soaps and lotions that can cause false positives. Sorry I just had to rant about this bc I was so unbelievably upset. What's so annoying is that we have people fighting for the right to be free in this country and this kind of crap just makes a mockery of it all. They told me they swab everybody who walks through with a child. What the hell?
Not only all of this but we got stuck on the tarmac after we landed for over 30 minutes and my daughter was screaming bc she had diaper rash and I needed to get up and change her diaper but couldn't. This creepy guy next to me kept staring and then when we finally got up he said "fuck you" to me as I got off the plane. This was the only time she cried the entire flight. She did great and didn't make a sound the whole time until we landed and got stuck.  I'm never flying again.  😭😭😭😭