Possibly nude modeling

I am 21 years old and interested in modeling for some local photographers. I've reached out to them, sent them pictures of me, they like me and are interested in working with me as well. 
Both of them have brought up nude photos and my comfort level with nudity.
One of the photographers is very professional, I've seen his website, I've even heard about him around town. He has several portfolios and he wants to expand the portfolio that focuses on nudity- my point is, he's legit and not some creep. His photos aren't sexy or overly sexualized, but rather focusing on the raw beauty of the female body. I've told him im willing to do nude photos.
The other photographer is less professional but well on his way. He seems legit but I'm not convinced yet. I've told him I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with nude photos yet.
I need some advice from other women. I'm comfortable in my body and honestly feel most comfortable when I'm naked, so it's not that I'm not cool with being naked... but, is this safe? Is it okay to have a stranger take nude photos of you in exchange for money? What repercussions could this have for me in the future, if any? Are there cons to this that I'm not thinking of? Have any of you done something like this and have advice to offer?
Thank you!
PS: the amount of nudity in their past pictures is sort of intense. Nipples are definitely shown, bottom half is not covered- but again it's focusing on raw beauty, definitely not super sexualized like in porn.