Sorry but I just have to say something about this:
Why is it that every time a girl is talking about her boyfriend and she says something like "my boyfriend and I are disagreeing on something right now" everyone just immediately tells her "break up with him!" 
Or when she says "we don't agree on this"
Everyone says "omg leave that asshole!!!"
Or when she says "I wish my boyfriend would ____"
Everyone screams "leave him! He's horrible! Why are you with him?" 
This happens to me with my friends constantly, I can't say anything about my boyfriend without them just throwing the "break up with him" response in my face, and it's the ones that have never been in a serious relationship before that claim to be "the love doctor". They seem to think that disagreeing with your partner means your destined for disaster and that's soooo bad to have problems in a relationship every now and then... why is this? It's so annoying because I can never get any real advice or talk to anyone! I can't be the only one experiencing this.