"Just a house wife"

I have a new friend. My neighbor. Shes super sweet, her husband is so nice and my husband gets along with him too. I made a Lord of the Rings reference and she goes "oh, sorry ive never seen those! Or Harry Potter." I jokingly told her to leave my house with that blasphemy, and she said "hey im getting my masters! I dont have time for stuff like that!"

She didnt mean anything bad by it. But it did get to me. Shes a store manager at her job, her husband is a Sergeant in the military, so they make decent money, and they both are going to school.

I flunked out of college thanks to my anxiety, i dont work because we moved right when i got pregnant and no one wanted to hire me, and my husband is a low rank in the military, since he has only been in less than 2 years. We dont bring in a lot of money.

Im actually debating on selling candles or something just to help pull in money. Im a stay at home mom and with my husbands horribly long work hours and hectic schedule, and my baby who never sleeps unless shes held, i dont think adding a "real" job into that for me will do anything good for our marriage.

So, i guess ill emd my vent with a question. Do you ever feel inadequate being "just a house wife?" I clean and take care of the baby and pets and all that but i just feel like im not contributing anything since im not working...