An unusual experience

I was approximately 4 weeks pregnant when I started noticing random spots of itchy hives on my skin but passed it off as coming into contact that just didn't agree with me but as my pregnancy progressed it quickly started becoming worse with the rise in hormones. By the time I reached the end of my first trimester I was covered head to toe in large, itchy, burning welts that weren't responding to over the counter antihistamines or steroid treatment. I had to take cool oatmeal and baking soda baths twice a day, my hair was along out, and by my third trimester my husband would often find me cradling my belly crying in a cold shower trying to get some relief at 3am. I was so miserable and depressed that there were times I wished I had never conceived. At 38 weeks I was induced and gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl after 29 hours of labor. My baby was completely unaffected by my mysterious allergic reaction. Unfortunately postpartum things have only gotten worse, I've been to the hospital on 3 separate occasions for anaphylaxis and continue to battle the hives but thankfully not being pregnant means I can take high doses of prescription antihistamines to control it and because the cause of this reaction is unknown I have to always have an epipen on hand just in case. Whatever my pregnancy triggered has multiple different doctors and specialists stumped, all my tests Come back normal but they can't deny what they can physically see. I still have hope that one day my body will return to normal and I'll no longer need to take a handful of pills a day. So, that is my crazy pregnancy story and it'll also under my OB's advisement be my last pregnancy story.