Is it okay😔

So I had a possible ectopic pregnancy around november/December 2014 however was never properly confirmed i was pregnant as i couldn't make it to the scan, i did 5 hpt which were all negative but the doctor said that if it was ectopic it wouldn't show up on a hpt as the embryo is in the tubes and not in the womb, and i didn't get my 'period' for about 3 weeks later! Which made me and the doctors think it was an ectopic pregnancy, anyway, i began to bleed with sharp pains that made me cry and jump on the right side of my pelvic area! It only lasted about 3 days which is not like a normal period and it was bright red with dark clots in it (sorry, tmi!) which made me believe it was a miscarriage! I will never know whether i was actually pregnant or not, but it hurts me soo much, still to think that i could have been pregnant and that was a miscarriage!? Is it okay to grieve over something that maybe wasn't ever real? 😔 sorry ladies it just hurts and i don't know why😔