family is everything to me.

Stupid shit... so I was talking to my husband which ended up in a dumb argument. So I told him I wanna get a tattoo for my great grandma. She is 83 years old and has stage 6 Alzheimers. So I wanted to get a tattoo of a really cute idea. And I'm putting back $200.00 for it. Well in April is my birthday and we planned a trip for Tennessee (my favorite place). Well I told him why don't we put off the vacation and put the rest of the money and do something important. Maybe pay bills or fix his truck. I feel like I should be allowed to take my money to do what I want with it. This tattoo is sooo important to me and he knows that. 
He asked me a few minutes ago and asked me if I cancelled the trip for a tattoo. I can't believe he asked me that. It's $200.00 for a "budget" and I told him it probably won't even be that much. Because I go to the same guy for all my tattoos and he doesn't charge me much. Only if he understood how much this actually means. 
Maybe I'm stupid for being upset but damn. We are getting back a decent amount so I don't see why I can't take my money. That I worked for. Opinions?