Bf wants a baby

Me and my bf are both 21 and have been together for about 4.5 years. Hes graduating from college in 3 months and has a great job lined up and currently has a pretty good job. I have an ok job but not much else going for me other than that. Hes only about 9k in debt from student loans and i have no debt. He says some of the reason he wants to have kids now is so grandparents can be in the babies lives before they're too old, itll be good motivation for me to do something with my life as im currently sort of "stuck". We'll get to skip right past all the drama that comes with being in your twenties and partying and getting drunk all the time. Babies make everyone happier. Weve both talked about having kids for a few years now. We dont really have frienda anyway.. so we wont really lose any. He just plain wants a baby, weve been together longer than most couples we know and theyve already had kids that are 1-2 years old.

Basically i just typed all this out to vent about it, but im also open to opinions and comments.

Ive wanted a baby for a couple years now but wasnt trying for one but now that he wants one and wants to try im scared

Update. Thanks so much for all the comments guys. They really helped me and ive come to the conclusion that i should wait and we should use the money and time to pursue other things that will improve our lives and make us happy for right now