Frustrated momma to be.

I've been with my SO 5 years, I'm 29, he's 32. We have been living together four and a half years and I'm tired of his excuses.

I'm truely getting discouraged with his excuses of not proposing by now.

He has said well be engaged by (date) 4 times now and nothing. He has bought rings and returned them for no reason whatsoever.

Yes, this is something we've talked about before we got pregnancy, but he can't seem to keep his word about it.

His whole family is waiting. My whole family is waiting. He asked for permission for two years ago.

He keeps asking me to pick out rings, I will, he'll buy, and then return them (as soon as the next day, happened to 6 rings,) I'm just getting so discouraged.

I'm tired of waiting on baited breath, tired of picking out beautiful rings that have captured my heart, tired of watching the dates go by (that he said we would be engaged by), tired of his excuses!

He wants to have it be perfect, he wants to do it in this time of year, wait, he meant this time. It needs to be done on a holiday, wait, holidays are over done.

When people ask when he's going to, or what's stopping him from proposing, "I don't know," is the only thing he says.

I'm not one to propose, not confident enough. Plus, he'd think I was joking.

Has nothing to do with finances, he asks me to pick out the ring so he doesn't have to look. And each I pick out is in our price range, $7,500-$5,000.

******It's his side that does the pushing. My side will make blank statements, "when you get married, you should......" his side will say, "what the hell are you waiting for?" "Why haven't you proposed..." I can understand that gets annoying but if he would just tell them he doesn't want to, they'd drop it. His mother and grandmother's are the worst.....******

I don't care if we see married or not. He brings it up for me to find a ring, getting my hopes up.

Guys need to learn to read....

If he doesn't want to be married, why does he keep lying? I have no problem not being married, just have a problem with the lies.

Does anyone have any advice?