Please help! Is this labor!

Ftm im 2 days over due. Yesterday i started having contractions at 1030 right after i had sex they were 5 minutes apart. At 230 i began to bleed bright red no mucus just blood gushing out so we went to the hospital i was 60% and only 1cm contractons were 3 minutes apart.after walking an hour i lost a ton of mucusy blood. They still sent me home. We got home at 6 am still contracting i went to sleep woke up had contractions on and off rest of day had doctors appointment at 4 i was still 1 cm 80% he sweeped my membranes. From 7pm last night until right now 12 pm the next day i am having horrible contractions im in so much pain they r five minutes apart i didnt sleep all night. Im being induced tonight at 8 but i dont think i can bare the pain until then. I feel so discouraged to go to the doctor since they already sent me home. Im scared and i dont know what to do im ok inbetween contractions but the peak of every contraction is getting worse and worse i feel like im being stabbed and someone is twisting the knife while setting me on fire. Im scared i wont be able to handle the pain if this is the beginning im going to die.