I had sex for the first time saturday night/sunday morning (like 3am you know) 
and the first time the condom certainly didn't break because he came and it all stayed in the condom. But the second time we were interpolated, we had barely started like I kid you not maybe one minute in he stopped and even though we checked the condom and we didn't even really do anything and he didn't come I'm paranoid the condom maybe broke inside of me and maybe his precum got inside me and impregnated me! Like there's no reason for me to feel this way and I'm waiting for my period on the 10th but I can't help but be paranoid!! Did/does anyone else get paranoid about this?? I'm probably fine right like there's no way a non-expired condom broke after like 30 seconds and it's less likely any previn got in me from that .. right? I'm so anxious about it omg it's so irrational help