1st Valentines Day together!

Leighann • RIP my 👼🏾 03/2010, Mommy to Nova 04/2019 💕 and soon to be mommy of Parker 10/2020 💙!
I see these photos circulating EVERYWHERE and I really wanna do something special for my boyfriend, this will be our first valentines together and I just wanna show him that I appreciate everything he does for me and that I love him so much! Idk what the saying should be but something really beautiful, I don't care if the saying are different in each picture or the same but anything would be nice, so I can print it and give it to him! Thank y'all so much! Our names are Bria and Nathaniel, everyone calls him Nate, except for me ..... so his full spelled out name would be the best! If y'all wanna comment and tell me your ideas for saying, please do so! You can email them to me at leighannbria@gmail.com! Thank y'all in advance, I'm so excited!