my family is forcing me to get on birth control

My mom wont let me go over to my boyfriends unless i get birth control. She wont stop telling me i have to get on it. Now my sisters saying she'd go with me to get on birth control. The thing is I dont want to be on birth control, i dont want a child but i also dont feel the need to be on birth control. My only option is the copper iud and i dont want my period pain and bleeding to get worse. Also im 19.... i know, my mom treats me like a child but she wants the best for me. Any advice on what i should do? 
UPDATE: i had a serious talk with my mom and brother and i decided to not get on bc. Im a responsible person, i use a condom every time and make sure  he pulls out even with a condom on. Im also not for using hormones or an iud. My body cant hamdle hormones and an iud isn't particularly a great idea to me. Thank you everyone for your help and input!!