Monalisa IUD


Nearly 3 months postpartum and I had a non-hormonal copper IUD put in yesterday. First time I've ever used this form of contraception. Birth control, no matter the hormone dose or different kinds don't work for me because of related risk factors.

Now I used to have some of the worst cramps imaginable before pregnancy due to endemetriosis and ovarian cysts. I mean cold sweats, treamors, vomiting, and passing right out from pain. I don't feel anywhere that bad, and I know non-hormonal IUD can aggrivate bad cramps. I'm of course not anywhere near starting my cycle again as I'm breastfeeding, but I'm wondering how long the cramps from the procedure will last and what's normal. The doctor said not more than an hour of contractions and I shouldn't experience pain after that. Warned me of signs of infection or perferation to watch for. But as I said, I'm susceptible to bad cramps and wonder if I'm sill cramping day after just because, or if it's "normal" to cramp a few days like having a period...?