Lately have been seeing so many posts with girls acting like their SO is their dog and "they better answer for this" and generally making statements like these men are required to answer to their girlfriends and basically just do as the woman says without question. I would just like to say ladies STOP. A relationship is about being yourself and allowing that person you're with to be themselves. Yeah, if they're cheating or whatever obviously don't be with that person. But also, don't get in a relationship with someone and then try to change EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. Honestly. Pisses me off lately to read how many women literally act like their mans parent instead of a girlfriend or a wife. Just cause you're with someone doesn't mean you have exclusive rights to everything they have ever said or done. If you can't handle their past stay single. Honestly. He's not your dog. You're not his mom. Stop trying to control what a person does cause pretty sure you wouldn't like it if he did that shit to you. Grow up and handle your insecurities and stop expecting dudes to just put up with your frankly childish bullshit. Rant over.