should I stay or should I go?

Two years, one child together. The entire time we've been up and down and back and forth. We both have our problems and nothing gets better for long.
His dad got sick a few months into our relationship and he was too stressed out to have sex with me. Which in turn made me really frustrated and angry. I tried to be sensitive to the fact that he was going through a rough time but I'd have to beg him for sex every two weeks and I'd have to do all the work. I ended up pregnant. 
Fast forward. His dad passed a year and a half ago. Our daughter just turned one. I quit my job to take care of his mother who is handicapped, because we couldn't afford a caretaker AND daycare.
I'm stuck at home all day with a toddler, two untrained dogs and his mother who is used to being babies. I get zero help with the house and I miss my job. 
Things start to get better and then they get worse. A few weeks ago we actually had sex multiple times a week. But then we go another 1-2 weeks without it. I never get complimented and I feel like I need some type of affection because I'm so down on myself.
I love him so much, but I feel like I could be missing out on someone out there who might actually treat me the way I want to be treated. I'm 25. I want to feel pretty, not like a maid. We got engaged in November. And I've been so excited to plan a wedding, but do I want this for the rest of my life? 
The biggest problem with leaving, is I no longer have a job so I'd have to move in with my dad and start a new job or my old job at the bottom of the seniority list with less pay. And I wouldn't have money for daycare or to take care of my daughter alone.