worth taking a pregnancy test?

Hi guys! 
My husband and I have been TTC for a few months now - I really thought January was going to be the month, but I suppose I feel that way every month. I have been feeling queasy and vomited one day, which is really rare for me. I took a pregnancy test on the 28th that was negative and my period started the 29th. It was an extremely light period though and only lasted 3 days. They are usually very heavy and a full 7 days. I've remained unusually queasy the past week or so, feeling nauseous, have extremely sensitive nipples, and have been much more emotional than my period usually makes me, sobbing uncontrollably at every TV show I watch. However, my BBT did drop too. There has been a little war going on between my husband and I about the room temperature, but ultimately, it hasn't changed more than a degree or two each night. Is this worth taking a pregnancy test again?