Heavy Let Down

Brijona • 💕👩🏾👨🏾👦🏾👶🏾💕 Mummy and Girlfriend 🔮📿🙏🏾 Spiritualist 🌳💨 Naturalist 👸🏾 Queen of my own reality 💋✌🏾
Day 1 with new baby was awesome! 😕 Then my milk cake in 😣 A "heavy let down" doesn't even describe it! My boobs are ✊🏾 SOLID ✊🏾 No sooner than I pump or nurse Tala they are full ALL OVER AGAIN! I've put cold compresses on them... NOTHING! I've expressed milk in a HOT shower... NOTHING! I massage my boobs... NOTHING, because as soon as I go to the other boob the first one is hard all over again 😣 I have about 2-3 more days of this, per my midwife. LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH 
(Rant over...)