I'm trying not to scare

I miscarried at 5/6 weeks in October. I had on period in between and became pregnant again. They watched my hcg levels double for a couple of days and last time I checked was last week which put me at 9200 which makes sense. The reason they checked me so long, is not only due to my miscarriage but I've been spotting. Yesterday at 3pm I began cramping, non stop (not one-sided). Well I went to bed when I woke up I checked no blood, no spotting. (I work night shift) so I took a shower and still was cramping. Decided to call into work and I've been cramping on and off and at about 5am I spotted, brown with reddish pink and than back to brown about 2 hours later... I have an ultrasound tomorrow and I am just so worried. Wish me luck... I will attach pictures of what it was at 5am, feel free to tell me what you think.