Lisa • My husband and I have been TTC for #1 for about 5 years, but are now officially letting things happen as they will.
Okay so at the risk of sounding stupid, I'm posting this. I have PCOS, but have been on MetFORMIN and Progesterone for a while to help regulate my cycles, and of course, make it possible to get pregnant. 
I have been right on schedule for almost 8 months now with my cycle, aside from a very short time that I was pregnant, which ended in miscarriage. (I somehow got right back on track a month after.) 
Anyway, now AF is officially a week late, I've been unusually tired lately, my sinuses are out of control, my breasts are sore, my lower back is absolutely killing me, and I can not stop eating noodles. However, I have taken 2 HPT's (both the $1 kind), and both were negative. Any suggestions? Am I just stressing over nothing?