Discharge please help

My period got done Saturday last week and the 30 me and fiancé had intercourse and yesterday we had intercourse after sex I was laying  down and wipe and I had so much sticky cum I mean a clump of it . And then I went to sleep I never got up till  4am to take him to his work this morning. I wen back to bed and woke up and went  to the bathroom at 11:00 am today and after finishing my business I wipe and I had so much more sticky stuff that stretch. I had a weird period that was post to come the 22 of Jan I spotted on a Tuesday and missed my period about 4 days Thursday it arrive and then had a full blown period some clots and bleed and then I bleed light the next day witch was a Friday  and the 3rd day I spotted was Saturday Barley could see it . Idk what's going on but when I miss my period that four days my boobs hurt so bad till I ended up bleeding . My boobs today our sore a little today .