195 official countries & 193 United Nations Members?

This question is for people from various countries that currently have governmental laws to protect individual freedoms....(people whose country has: votes for all citizens/individual freedoms as part of its laws) : what is your countries personal responsibility to the world? Or Sudan: Omar Al Bashir?
 Should  all the world governments (like the UN) push all countries in the world to become democracy's and to create their own "constitutions" or "laws" that protect individual freedoms of its citizens? And how far should world countries go to "remove" dictators from power and/or enforce "human rights" across other countries boarders? Example: North Korea: should world courtiers leave it alone? Or pressure for individuals freedoms and how far do they go to fight for individual freedoms within all countries? 
   Please use this as a conversation about how to better the world and how countries should interact with each other... (do not talk about current politics) this is theoretical discussion! Should the United Nations push for all governments to become places of individual freedoms (example: if a country doesn't allow all citizens to vote) how far does the battle over human rights go? Looking for comments about how to balance a governments rights to its own laws. Vs human freedom rights for the whole world?