After baby is born shower


We never had a baby shower for our daughter born 1/4/17. I just got a call from my pastor that she'd like to have the church sponsor a baby shower for us and two other expectant mothers, some time around Easter. My daughter will be about 3+ months then. And we have much of the big stuff we need, plus clothes from our other daughter (vacuum sealed them from 7 years ago) and we're using cloth diapers.

We did a registry for our daughter, just so we could reap the rewards of discounts, even though we bought most of the stuff ourselves. So I'm wondering what I should do for this shower- what kinds of things should we ask for (they want us to ask for the things we want/need so the church can get them)?

Any ideas for what she'll need from 3+ months, besides clothes or diapers, which we don't need?