My rapist WILL NEVER .

My rapist will never do time in jail !!

I just need to vent ...

I was 8 years old when i was first rapid , it continued on until i was 14 year, the sad part is ..... my rapist lives with me !!!! The sadest part is... he's my blood family . The worse part is , when i was 8 he told me if i told mama , he'd hurt me worse. Everyday i live in fair everyday i have night mares , i still til this day wet the bed if i have a dream I'm20 years old and my rapist will never be gone. I will never have justice because its to late everday i want to tell someone but im scared. I ended up with a horrible cyst from being rapid my doctor asked if i was rapied i had denied it and wish i never did . I just ask god everyday for strength and faith. Some day he will be gone.