Impatient baby girl 9-2-17

Baby long legs is finally here! Was due the 7th and I started getting some period pain like cramps that morning. They got more frequent throughout the day and more painful but nothing that wasn't manageable. Got sent to get checked up that night and I decided to go home again after the check up- I wanted my own bed and comforts. Wednesday was worse- I couldn't eat or drink without feeling sick and the pressure and pain was getting worse. I couldn't find anything to help ease it. Decided to go back to the hospital when I couldn't take it any more and we arrived at 2.10am. I was 4cm dilated and baby was going crazy wriggling about! I got moved to a delivery room at 4am and I got hooked up to some fluids because I was dehydrated. Contractions were coming harder now and I started to use gas and air. I asked for a painkiller so midwife examined me and said I was 6cm. She went to get it at 5.30am and when she came back I told her I felt like the pressure was getting worse and I was afraid I'd end up pushing. She checked me again and baby was almost out! That put an end to my paracetamol! At 5.57am baby girl was out after a few pushes and she latched on almost immediately! I know I was so lucky to have had such a quick birth! So happy she's here and the wait is over 😍 stay strong mammas if you're nearly there, it'll all be over before you even realise!