Held out to test until this morning!

Is this happening? Trying so hard not to freak out and wake my hubby since I have been praying for this to be our V Day surprise! I just had a feeling the last few days that AF was going to show up (knock on wood), she's due the 16th but I started having menstrual cramping at 8DPO and was seriously not ready for her! Held out until this morning, test on top is the first test I took and I could see the FL show up immediately! Second test on bottom, I dipped in the same FMU about 10 mins later and the line seems MUCH lighter. Is that normal? First time TTC and I'm not sure how to feel about even that line change from the same pee! Any thoughts would be helpful! I don't want to stress out haha! Baby dust to everyone!!🤰🏻✨