I thought I was gonna lose my baby.

Long post & could be a trigger warning!!! I got super panicked around nine pm last night cause I had started bleeding. My pregnancy is already high risk and I've been overly cautious this whole pregnancy. My boyfriend and I are almost 18, but we had done a little running around and we had went back to his house and we're cuddling and I felt a gush and I like got paranoid thinking that felt weird. We checked if I was bleeding and I sure enough was. When I got up from the mattress there was a small pool of it and it was through my panties and leggings too. We get up and I go to the kitchen and his moms in the shower and we keep telling her I'm bleeding we need to go to the dr. His dad gets up really quick and grabs his shoes and is telling us to go now and hurry, it's his grandbaby and he doesn't want anything else to go wrong this pregnancy. We have to go by my house for my insurance card and social and I call my mom and she just gets mad at me. As soon as I get home she makes me go to the bathroom and show her how bad it is and then she makes me pee. This whole time I'm freaking out and shaking. We call ahead to the closest hospital and they tell us to come ahead. We get there and then they inform us they don't have obgyn services. So I'm worried for my baby. We get seen and they check my blood pressure and it's sky high so we go for a pelvic exam and he says I'm still bleeding. The nurse found his heart beat thank god and I had a sigh of relief. I get a bag of fluids and then they transport me to a bigger hospital, the one I'll deliver at. And They had me get a cathader and then pee in a cup. I got another pelvic exam and herd that my cervix was closed. Another sigh of relief. Then they did an ultrasound and they saw him on the screen. My last sigh of relief. When they were monitoring his heart beat I started to feel him kick. He's like 'mom why ya doing this to me' finally got in bed around three am, and don't wanna go to school today haha. We have an appointment with a medical dr on Tuesday because they don't want me to have an obgyn or a midwife the rest of pregnancy. I was so worried I had lost my little bub. At 23 weeks, but we didn't and that's all that matters. I reply to posts all the time telling girls go to the er if you're bleeding. Well last night was my turn. Except I didn't have time to post it. The whole night is a doozy but I don't think I'll forget it anytime soon. I just thought I would share this with you all. Now my little one keeps moving this morning so I'm gonna go give my belly some love and go back to bed. I hope all of you ladies will just go to the hospital if you start bleeding instead of asking if you should. Mine filled up over a pad, and they told me I need to go in even if it's just spotting.