Our first

Samantha • mother of an angel and ttc of our rainbowbaby
When we got pregnant we were thrilled and as weeks we got even more excited to know it was growing and then on the 8th we lost her and we were so devastated. We never got to see her walk we never get to see her crawl we never got to see her lose her first tooth or go on her first date. This is been the saddest Time Of Our Lives and said this to say weddings in the next month and don't get me wrong I am hoping the moon are getting married to my best friend who is the my side through all this. We were hoping for our first baby so much that I think God wanted a stronger soldier at this sky. We will miss her and always love her and when her sibling does come we will tell them everything about her she was a beautiful soul. Mommy and daddy will always miss you little one and I hope that you will always remember that. As as days weeks and years go by you will never be forgotten. Because I know for a fact and daddy knows for a fact that you will be watching over us until our last dying day. This is shown how strong mommy and daddy's strength is for what door closes another door opens. We love you baby girl Fleming! And for anyone that has lost a little one in the womb or otherwise our sympathy and emotions are with you as well. Sincerely a mother