the beginning of the end

I went today to find out the gender! Fingers crossed it was A girl...I already have two little boys. Finally it was time to do the ultra sound, my sister and 2 old month nephew were there to share the moment with me. The tech women was chatting away showing me the cute little toes then got to the stomach and abruptly left saying something about the air conditioning. I had a sick feeling and knew something was wrong. About 10 minutes later she returned with my doctor. They turned the screen from me and kept taking pictures and doing measurements. He was getting very irritable which was so unlike him..the tech was obviously holding back tears but they wouldn't say anything! I laid there frozen and too afraid to ask...after 30-40 anxious minutes waiting he turned the screen and begin to explain. My baby has a substantial amount of fluid around its heart. Doesn't have lungs or a stomach and has signs of a form of downs. He apologized and left. She continued measuring and taking pictures for another 30 minutes. I laid there with tears running down my face. She put up the equipment completely forgetting to check gender so I asked and she checked. Without a miracle my baby girl won't make it. I have no idea why this is happening or what caused it...I just needed to tell someone, thank you ladies ❤️