I kind of regret sharing with other people the biological gender of my baby, does anyone else feel similar?

So I decided to find out the gender of my baby mostly because it would make shopping for things like clothing a little bit easier and because I wanted to get to know everything I possibly could about my baby before finally getting to meet them. Before knowing what I was having I would have some people say that they hope it's a girl and others would say they hope it's a boy and would ask me what I want it to be; gender is something that is irrelevant to me personally and I could care less if it were a boy or girl because I don't see the difference or significance in having one over the other. I recently found out I was having a boy and decided to share the news with family and friends since they would persistently ask me what I'm having and to let them know what I was having. Anyways now that I have found out I'm having a boy I have people telling me things like oh how it's good to have a boy first or that boys are easier and oh I'm so glad it's a boy and things like that. I find this annoying because in a way it makes me feel like if I were having a girl people would treat my child as lesser or different because of that. In reality science shows there is very little if any difference between male and female brains and there is hardly any difference between male and female babies other than their genitalia, so it's frustrating to me that people make these assumptions about gender and it is making me regret sharing with people what I'm having because it makes me in a way feel less valued as woman since somehow having a boy is much better to other people when to me all the matters if my child is healthy, happy, and kind hearted