I think that the majority of the people on this app pass judgement way too easily. when a young girl says that she had sex dont shame her, help her, help her learn more about safe sex, give her advice, give her a safe space. people use this app for period tracking so asking why someone in their teens has it is ridiculous. it isnt a sex app. girls get their periods at different times. i agree that safe sex isnt taught well everywhere but if they dont know about it dont shame them just teach them so they know for next time. im sick and tired of seeing girls being slutshamed when they post on here. help educate others, share similar experiences, if you want give your advice but if theyve already made a decision and gone out with it telling them to close their legs isnt going to help them. please help the people posting on here without shaming them. think if you were in their position, scared and alone. would you want a bunch of older women slut shaming you and making you more alone? people cant always talk to someone so please give them a safe space here. thank you.