Any advice? ?

So a little back story first. ....

When i was 15 i had my first real bf. I lost my V card to him . He was 18 . He ended up cheating on me with my best griend and got her pregnant ( twice) .. he said i was cute andceill slways be cute but she was sexy.

Since then i have always hated being called cute.

Fast forward light years head ,im 35 ,married , i have beem with my husband for 15 years our first little bean on the way. He started calling me cute. Im soo cute pregnant , im so cute . And i have literally not thought of that word and the heartbreak behind it in seriously FOREVER. But now everytime my dear sweet husband calls me cute i think waaayyyyy back to when i was young and it hurts some ( and i wanna punch him Lmao! Horrible i know i know. ) I wouldnt actually punch him too tired for all that. Lol!!

I just don't know why im all if a sudden thinking of this and how it made me feel. Any advice???