6w5d after alot of loss, due Oct 5 2017 :)


Today i am 6w5d after 13 consecutive months of infertility and 3 rounds of clomid that ended in a mmc at 13w on Oct 19 2016 and a chemical that ended at 21dpo on Dec 27 2016. This is my 8th pregnancy. I have 3 babies living , DD age 7, DS age 3, DS age 2. I have 5 babies in heaven, as one of my mc on Aug 2 2014 was a twin pregnancy.

My fertility issues are "unexplained".

I have my first obgyn appt on Feb 23, and they schedule your first ultrasound at that appt. She said I can have an early ultrasound at 8w bc of my history of mc, and will also send me to the high risk dr starting at 12w, which is what I have done for all my pregnancies if I made it that far.

I am a little scared bc I haven't experienced much morning sickness yet. It still is early though, even for me, in the past I think it really hit me around 8 weeks.

I am terrified to go to my first ultrasound. Most of my mc have been stopped development at 6-8w, fetal pole w no heartbeat.

I had 2 beta draws done, one at 10dpo and 13dpo. My first level was 28.3miu, followed by 166.8miu with p4 level 25. I chose to not have any more Bloodwork done bc really, it doesn't change if it's going to be a healthy baby or not, and just makes me miserable..

I am trying to stay positive, my hpt are very dark. Please please please let this be a healthy munchkin❤❤👣👣