Lying Boyfriend

My on and off bf always lies to me. We had been together for about 3 years. Then when we took a little break for about 2 weeks he went and got with this other girl who he had slept with continuously and even stayed with (at her home) she was about 25 ? And we're 18. Now he comes back to me but acts so shady and lies about almost everything like having a job! He even forced me to close all social media and hacked my email. Idk what to do. I know it sounds so dumb but I love him . I'm willing to break up with him but idk what to do. It makes me mad he won't just tell me he's being with her. He disappears all the time and sometimes doesn't even respond to me at night. What makes it worse is I don't live very close to him anymore. So he could be doing whatever. Please help. Also he is verbally abusive. But I just can't let go . I've loved him since I was 15 I'm about to be 19.