Subchorionic Hematoma


So, I really have 2 questions.

1. I went to the hospital last week because of pain and spotting. They said I have a bruise/clot between three uterus and placenta, that I have to have repeated ultrasounds to monitor it, and that I need to be on bed rest until my next appointment with the doctor.

Today I woke up with severe cramping. It's been so bad that I start sweating and puke. I called my doctor who told me to go straight to the ER, but I haven't actually went because I'm trying to push through it. I feel like I just went last weekend, and I don't want to be a frequent visitor like that. You know... Like one of those women who are ALWAYS there and turns out nothing is wrong. My anxiety has made me be that woman before. I hate it. And I'm also too scared.

Anyone else have one of these? Anyone had severe cramping like that and it be nothing?

2. They told me that I was much earlier than we had estimated. Baby was measuring 6 weeks instead of 9. They had estimated 9 due to my menstrual cycle and my hormone level. My hcg was almost 200 when they checked, so they said I was 5 weeks at that point(4 weeks ago) But at that point I was less than 3 weeks pregnant. The baby's heartbeat was also very high. But they didn't tell me what it was. They informed me that these hematomas can sometimes just happen but are very common with twin pregnancies. And that I could possibly have another baby hidden in there?

Has anyone had really high hcg levels and a hematoma and still had one baby? I already have high risk pregnancies, and though twins would be super loved, it's terrifying to me.

I have anxiety, and honestly, between the clot and the possible multiples, I'm a nervous wreck. Thank you in advance for any answers.