Meme it up.


So I've had a shitty past two days. I almost passed out and puked yesterday after trying to get my blood drawn (guess my child wants me to be squeamish with my own blood now 😑). Today, I woke up with my hookah completely shattered and my roommate didn't clean it up. He just left it for me to step on and clean up (I feel that if you find something that's broken, especially glass it should be cleaned up immediately so that's why I'm mad about that because glass is dangerous). I haven't been smoking it since I've been pregnant. My hookah is mainly used for special occasions anyway, but the fact that it was my first hookah that I bought on my 18th birthday and it was purple... It just really upsets me that the cats completely shattered it.

Anyways, I'm not here to whine about my days. I wanna laugh, though and facebook just isn't doing it for me and YouTube is completely dull. So I thought, hey... Let's meme up CC. I'll show mine, too. Some may be offensive to some, but memes are hilarious.