Sperm donor?

My husband and I are having a lot of trouble conceiving. We're starting to look into the option of using a sperm donor. So far in our state the cheapest that we have found is $600 / one specimen their website States that it could take up to 10 specimens for one conception. Has anyone else gone through this before? It kind of just feels a little disheartening knowing how expensive using the donor is. We have also looked into adoption. But are running into the same problem. All of the legal fees home studies and background checks that you have to do every so often start to add up in price. I think it's safe to say that him and I are beginning to lose hope on starting your own little family. We have tried asking family friends to donate sperm coma and we had one lined up. But something fell through. He felt that he could never go through life feeling that he wasn't responsible for the child or want to be a main factor of their life. Has anyone had a successful sperm donation? Any insight is greatly appreciated!!