I was a weird kid

Abby rose
Whenever I was young and my sister upset me I would stick her toothbrush in my bum And never tell a soul I was 3 
When I was 4 I told my father that I peed my pants truley I was trying to pee like a boy 
I spit it my sisters bathes 
I would steal my steal my sisters clothes then convince everyone she gave them to me
When I was quite small curious George made me think that there were wee people in my belly and there job was to scoop my poop into a barrel and push it down the ole hatch 
When I was 2 I would pick my nose and put it on my mothers car pillow 
At the age of three I would run crying from the vacuum 
When I was supposed to take a nap I would just jump on my parents bed with a life size care bear 
I would play baby 
I would pee whenever somebody dropped a penny 
I was a strange child 
Comment ur weird childhood experiences