Ummm.... TMI.


Okay lovely helpers, this is probably going to be long just so I can explain everything just right, so hold on to your saddles!

Hubby and I have been TTC for 3 years, technically 2 and a half because he was deployed for 6 months. He got home January 15th (his birthday🎉 and first day of my "fertile week") and you can bet we couldn't get enough of each other. I was 6 days late, got into a car accident. ER did a pregnancy test before I let them do any Xrays (just in case). Negative.

I started my period 2 hours after leaving the ER (bummer). My period ended on the 9th of Feb. I've had the wonderful CM that comes with ovulation and the sex drive that comes with a sexy man in uniform, so we've been having fun these past few days... EXCEPT... I'm bleeding after intercourse. Not during the day, not during the night... Only during and after intercourse. It looks like A LOT because his little swimmers are mixed in with it, but it's only spotting when I'm wiping. It's bright red. It's starting to worry me. 4 days in a row. We are out of town right now and I can't get in touch with my Doc. I guess I'm just wondering if this has happened to any of y'all and if so, what was the diagnosis? Google says some scary things and I'm refusing to believe any of it. I will see my Doc but until we can get back to my town, I'd love some input from you... Oh.. There's no pain associated with it. I feel completely fine and normal. A little cramping (my right ovary is HOPEFULLY doing its job) throughout the day, but no pain during sex, or otherwise. Thank y'all! Blessings!