Break ups and make ups

My boyfriend of 3 years and I brok up during the summer because we were basically just falling apart and fighting all the time but the love was still there. I don't know any other way to describe it. I was so mad at him when we broke up bc I still had mad feelings but around Christmas we started talking again and he broke up with the girl he had been dating while we weren't together. we spent Christmas and New Years together and nothing really happened other than partying with friends but Valentine's Day he asked to see me and we decided to get back together!!😍 I honestly think the time apart made us realize how much we missed each other and want to be together. the weirdest part was on Valentine's Day we had made jokes about how we thought we would get married when we were younger and this lady came to talk to us about donating to her church and she said he and I looked like Bonnie and Clyde and we would have beautiful children and gave us a prayer saying she hopes we get married and ever since that (even tho it's been less than a week) he's just been so happy and we've been so in love and I can't get over it. do u guys have someone that you'll always be a sucker for? or that person that will never be out of ur life as hard as u