How I reduced pump sessions but kept supply - exclusively pumping

This is long but it might help you or someone else...  I'm not on a pumping schedule. I don't know if I'm lucky or what but I'm now pumping only 3-4 times a day. I've been exclusively pumping since 12/15 (birth) and haven't had to supplement with formula since she was 2 weeks. Also, I have about 30 4 oz bags saved 😊😊😊
What worked for me to reduce pumps (I didn't do it all at once - I reduced every few days) is that I figured out how much I was pumping per hour (the total amount divided by how much time passed).  
When I tried this I was getting 31.2 ounces per 24 hours (31.2/24 =1.3). So when I stretched to 4 hours I did 1.3x4 and made sure I didn't stop pumping til I got 5.2 ounces. When I went to 5 hours I did 1.3x5 and didn't let myself stop til I for 6.5 ounces. Now I frequently go 5 to 8 hours between pumping (so I pump between 6.5  and 10.4 ounces depending on how long I've gone). Also, I'm now getting 1.4 -1.5 / hour. 
Things I do that seem to help:
-always wear a hands free bra 
-put a little olive oil on my nipples prior to each pump (and sometimes after)
- always use my hands to do compressions to help get the most 
-during the beginning of each pump session when it pumps fast on low, I keep restarting until I have a good let down going (so that fast part on low is anywhere between 1.5-5 minutes depending on how long it takes to see a good let down on both sides)
-once I have a good let down going I turn I put it back the slower pump speed with suction up to about half way on the dial or slightly less than half way (never more or I get blisters)
- I never pump for more than 30 minutes and because I'm going so long I do often pump for exactly 30 minutes 
-about 2 weeks ago (not sure exactly when) I started taking (1 or 2) 1200 mg sunflower lecithin supplements per day with food 
- I make sure I drink enough to not be dehydrated 
Yesterday I got 35 ounces! Yay!
If I hadn't figured out how to reduce pump sessions I would have quit.  From everything I have read - don't drop sessions quickly and also make sure your supply isn't dropping before dropping a session. I think if you figure out how much you need to pump / hour to maintain what you currently produce and don't stop until you get that amount you'll be able to pump the same amount less often. It's also so nice to be able to leave the house for more than 3 hours! 
P.s. I am not sure what helped the most, extending the letdown phase (the first part where it's fast on low speed or adding lecithin) but thank heavens because I HATE pumping.