Tax deductions for income of 140k plus???

It kinda sucks that we have such high taxes. I am married. We work very hard. I came from nothing and worked my way up top. I feel like taxes are so high, that sometimes I think of quitting my job and just mooching on welfare. Why work so hard for the govt to take it away????Wondering what other couples do to limit their taxes??? We just joined this tax bracket. Here in florida, we don't have state taxes....thank God. But what deductions do you use for federal? I want to be prepared for next year's taxes. Thanks!!!!

* I am not demonizing poor people. I was poor. I am saying the taxes for my tax bracket are astronomical. I feel like I am working for nothing!!!! I grew up thinking the rich were the the table turned and I am feeling the heat. There's so much of my income being taken away and wasted by the govt. No wonder people are mad. I get it now!