Should I be upset?

So my SO has a job and he didn't give me anything for Valentine's Day. I have no job. I was borrowing money from my mom and grandma. I was trying to spend checks given to me by my grandparents for my birthday and Christmas on him. He hadn't spent a dime on me. I really wanted to do it big since his birthday was on the 17th of February. So it was double the work for me. On Valentine's Day we spent the day together went out to breakfast and just hung out downtown the rest of the day. He didn't give me anything not even a card.  I had mentioned to him days before that I felt like he wasn't going to get me anything for Valentine's Day and he said that he was I was just going to have to wait til this weekend. So we agreed we would do gift exchanges this weekend. This weekend is almost over and he has made no attempt to see me or anything of the sort. I went to the emergency room on Thursday morning. He barely checked up on me or anything like that. Everybody is saying that I should really be pissed with him. He should have given me something on Valentine's Day a card some chocolate etc. I brought it up to him and he didn't say anything really not even an apology he just went silent. Should I be upset? What do you think? Have you gone through something similar? Comment below. 

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