So I haven't had sex since Christmas Day. That day I wore a condom with this person. Everything was fine and normal. 
Im on the implant for birth control so my period since I got the implant has been weird, I was prepared for that cause that's what the doctor said would happen. Im not sure how long that's supposed to last but I'm fine with whatever. 
I just recently had sex for the first time since Christmas. Now my period was technically supposed to start last week. But I hadn't had any symptoms nor had I started bleeding so I just assumed I wasn't gonna get it this month. When I had sex though, I started bleeding. Like my period had started. The sex was pretty rough so I half thought he had hurt me or something but nothing hurt I mean I was sore and had been sore after that. But then yesterday the bleeding had stopped. We then had sex again, but then I started bleeding again, after this time though it hurt. I was convinced again that I was on my period. But now I'm not bleeding anymore and it still kinda hurts. Is this normal or should I get checked out? I'm kinda worried since this has never happened before.