Job interview 2nd trimester

Im going into my 2nd trimester and my current employer is letting me go. Im pretty sure its because im pregnant as I told him last month and he is now turning over the company for new onwership, I have no way to prove im being discriminated against and no lawyer will talk to me without a $300 consult fee which is a lot of money when your expecting to soon lose your job and you will soon have a new mouth to feed. So im trying my best to deal with the situation at hand. Ive had a few interviews and one company has pretty much decided they want to give me a shot. They are an extremely honest,hardworking christian company I would be proud to work for. I explained to them that i was being let go due to a change in ownership and that if I was unable to find work that I would be able to collect unemployment they agreed and offered to let me work temporarily for a couple days and see if it worked out that way if it didn't I could go back to my old job and make things work however I did not disclose the fact that I was pregnant and this company has been so honest with me im worried that if i do get hired and i dont tell them im still lying. Im also worried ill lose my job and unemployment. I have 6 months or so until im due Im so stressed out really need tips and someone to talk to.