Need advice please! :( ER?

Okay, so this is my first pregnancy and I'm 14 weeks currently. I've had a really rough time starting at about 5 week with nausea and vomiting. Got diagnosed with hypermesis gravidarum around 10 weeks and given some Zofran to combat the nausea. It helps, but I'm having another issue now :( it seems like I have this constant nagging pain in my upper adbomin area. It's been hurting for days now. It's temporarily relieved by food but comes back after a few minutes. Eventually it feels like so much pressure is inside my diaphragm, I throw up, dry heave, and burp a lot. This happens every single day multiple times a day. It wakes me up every morning and I'm becoming discouraged and miserable. I don't know what to do, I've tried scheduled healthy eating (even though I have zero appetite), switching prenatals, only drinking water, and following every tip the doctors have given me. I've called my midwife twice to ask if it's something I should come in for, but it seems like she's chalking it up to regular pregnancy wind or sickness. Is this normal? The nausea lasts hours along with the pain and I cry sometimes. Sleep is my only relief. Should I go to the ER? How can I ease this pain?? Please any advice would help!