Long story short I moved to NY to be with my boyfriend (baby's father) in July from North Carolina. My bf and I were going back and forth to NC because at the time we thought we were going to move back. We stayed down there for about a month (we already knew I was preg) I couldn't find a doctor that would take NY Medicaid in NC and in the meantime we decided to stay in NY so I didn't see a doctor until I was about 16/17 weeks. I ended up just going with a random doctor in Brooklyn just because I knew I needed to see one and all the docs in Manhattan were booked for months ahead. I explained to him the situation and that I was eventually going to need to transfer, he assured me many doctors accept late transfers & convinced me to wait until after 28 weeks due to the fact that I'm rH negative and he wanted to administer the shot. Currently I'm 30 weeks and have been calling doctors/hospitals frantically trying to find someone who not only accepts Medicaid but also who will accept a late transfer. I've probably called atleast 20 doctors. The hospital that he's affiliated with is on the top five worst hospital list in NYC (1.7 stars) and I refuse to have my baby there. If I go into labor can I pull up at any hospital or will they turn me away? I'm scared I'll go to one that doesn't accept Medicaid, be turned away and have my baby on the street 😩 lol / does anyone know the policy for this? Advice would be greatly appreciated cuz I'm kinda freaking out