First Ultrasound

Natasha • Mother of two beautiful little girls💜💗
I went for my first ultrasound with my husband and one of my best friends. I guess babyHennah was so small that you couldn't see her (guessing it's a girl) with a normal ultrasound. So we had to have an internal ultrasound and we automatically found her. I cried so hard when I saw her. At first when I saw her I was in complete shock. Watching her heart beat like crazy. Then when the nurse told me that I could get back dressed after she was done I couldn't stop crying. My bestie was crying too. My husband held me and kissed my tears, my lips and my eyes. He isn't the type of guy to show his excitement to others but I could see it. He can't help but rub my belly and kiss it plus he's even more protective of us 😍 also I'm not as far along as they thought I was. They originally said 11 weeks almost 12 but yesterday they found out that I was only about 7-8 weeks. Either way I'm super happy and super excited for my baby to come into this world and I love my super supportive family and of course my wonderful husband