I have suffered with anxiety, depression & severe panic attacks for about eight years. After five years of trying to just get through them, I finally went to see a psychiatrist & get some help or try some medication. I've been on 100mg of Zoloft & 2mg daily or as needed of Xanax. I stopped taking my Zoloft because I was still have such bad panic attacks daily that I didn't want to be on another medication & still only take my Xanax as needed, or a half , which is .5 mg. I also wanted to add that I have asthma, since I was 8 years old & having panic attacks aggravate it. So here I am 30 years old & 24 weeks pregnant. I am still taking Xanax, no more than 1 mg daily, I try my hardest not to but it really calms me down, my attacks are daily, sudden, terrifying & I can't stop them. I feel like I'm going to die. I have lost a lot of sleep & cried countless tears because I feel guilty & wouldn't be able to forgive myself if o hurt my baby. Thank God at my 20 week anatomy scan, they said the baby looked beautiful & I was so relieved. But still had worry in the back of my mind. Today I went to my chwleck up & OB wants me to try & stop the Xanax but tht it is ultimately my choice and that I have to do what's best for me. The Xanax do help me function& I have two older kids that also need me to be their mother. I try so hard but I can't stop these attacks & I search endlessly online for pregnant mothers that are going through the same thing or have taken Xanax throughout their pregnancy & wanted to hear about their baby after delivery. I am well aware of the risks, the classification, I've tried alternatives, this has been the only thing to calm me down. Any advice or comfort or stories or jus vines would be appreciated. I know that this has been a nightmare & it still is.